Are you someone who does not prefer to watch the genre Drama because there is way too much happening in it and you just can’t take all those emotions? If yes, then just give a thought to yourself. 

Don’t you think that we all are melodramatic in our ways though some of us deny it on the face? We are extremist in a way especially when it has to do something with us or something around the people whom we love and care for.

For example, as a kid, you wanted this particular dress and when you didn’t end up getting the same one but indeed got a different one, that made you feel sad until you were cheered up by something else that excited you. When you were not nerdy in your College days and yet you passed out with some pretty decent score made you feel extremely happy that you ended up partying with your friends because that happiness made sense only to you.

As an adult, even if you are not sure of where your life is heading, you still feel happiest doing the littlest things like trying out a new look and it turned out to be the best-suited one for you, experimenting with something new in the kitchen and it turns to be an eatable dish, planning to be fit and just being happy on the day one of practice even if you do not end up making the same habit every other day.

By saying so, I am writing the review for an amazing Korean Drama Be Melodramatic. After watching the show, I hope you all would get a feel-good experience of how you could take life as it comes instead of beating up yourself for something that is not in your control. Sometimes it’s just enough to know your destination even if you do not know the path to reach by. The path will show up by itself as you start balancing yourself when and as per the situation demands.


The show Be Melodramatic is all about the moments that matter to us the most as an individual, be it happiness, sadness, anger, grief… etc. When something strikes us hard no matter whether it’s good or bad, we need to take it, experience it and finally get through it for another new chapter, to begin with.

Be Melodramatic is one of the best Korean dramas aired in 2019 to binge-watch on Netflix. I was amazed by the way how the show was taken. You feel like the characters are talking to you and what they go through is something each one of us has gone through and gives a feel-good experience. The Co-Director and the writer of this Korean drama wanted to write different stories of how people carry on with their lives after their break-ups and altogether start a new chapter in their lives. With such a substantial concept, it was difficult to put the whole content in a 2 hours movie. So finally, they made it into this beautiful Korean drama.

The story revolves around 3 main characters and what they do with their lives. All the three are female leads in their 30’s and they live together as roommates. Something in common for all of them is that they all work in the Entertainment industry though they perform different roles. All the three leads struggle to make a living for themselves after their traumatic relationship and they go through a lot of emotional drama trying to get meaning for their lives.

Peek a Boo: 


Chun Woo-Hee as Lim Jin-Joo is one of the lead in the show who is a Rookie writer and works as an assistant to a famous Drama Writer hoping one fine day she would also see her name on the screen. She breaks up with her boyfriend after 7 long years of relation. With nothing going right in her life, she keeps all her hopes on her passion for writing and keeps doing it no matter how many odds she goes by. The character keeps talking to us during her whole screen space telling us what she is going through, how it feels to write everything and at last the final credits going to the head writer, how people look down on her because of not being successful and not doing the right things at the right age, how she handles stress and failure all the time trying to stay unaffected by talking to herself & cheering up, eating off too excess at times or having drinks to stay on a lighter note. Many of us could see ourselves in her while watching the show.


The second lead of the show is Jeon Yeo-been as Lee Eun-Jung. She is a documentary filmmaker and a CEO for herself. With her lover’s death, she loses all her charm & confidence. She starts suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder where she keeps imagining things and sees her boyfriend now and then whenever she is alone. Her transformation from being weak to becoming one who is bold & strong is noteworthy. Instead of fighting with what has happened, this character talks to us and says that overtime, you need to accept things and keep moving ahead.


The third women lead is Han Ji-Eun as Hwang Han-Joo. She works as the Marketing team lead and keeps having conflicts with her boss every now & then. She falls in love during her teenage where the guy leaves her and goes away after marriage. With a kid in her hand, she takes the sole responsibility to bring up the kid and yet faces her identity crisis as to why she has to go through all this. She wants a man who could love her for who she is but is scared to move on with her life by what she has seen so far. You will see how she copes up emotionally and does well in her professional & personal space.

Apart from the main leads, we have Ahn Jae–Hong as Son Beom-Soo, a budding Director of Korean dramas who finds it difficult to make a mark even after giving some pretty decent shows. We also have Gong Myung as Chu Jae-Hoon who works with Hwang Han-Joo at the Ad agency. The story even does focus on his troublesome relation where he wants to break up with his girlfriend due to her behavior issues and is no longer able to take it. There are other characters as well where everyone has a story to tell us which would connect us somewhere back to where we are were at some point in time or situation be it personal or professional.

To end with, overall the screenplay focuses on how the characters in this show deal with their emotions and what they end up seeing in other people’s lives eventually over the period of time that makes them see the other side of the silver lining for a fresh perspective to move on makes up the story.

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