If you are staying up late at night to binge-watch, then this show is a perfect one. From the creators of the ever-famous Sex and City, Netflix’s original series Emily in Paris aired on October 2nd with Lilly Collins as the lead.

Fashioniteworld blog - Emily in Paris

The show is about the journey of Emily in the beautiful city of Paris where she travels there on a work schedule from Chicago for a year and gets the opportunity to explore the enchanting city, its culture and meet people of different mindsets. Not being familiar with the local language French, will she end up liking her new workplace and would she be able to make her colleagues and clients believe in her American approach & perspective of work forms the rest part of the story.

Lilly Collins has lighted up the show with her exceptional art of acting and lived up to this Character of Emily. She was able to show the persona of Emily, who is super smart, quick, and a risk-taker to get things done her way. The content was fresh and promising, which does make the viewers feel good during these hard times where most of us are staying home. 

While most of us are dressed in Pyjamas the whole day, after watching this show, you will feel the urge to get some fashion makeover done for your wardrobe. All the actors in the show have lived up to the fashion standards of being Elegant, sophisticated, and carried themselves flawlessly. Emily exhibited the funky and formal style of clothing with some pretty jackets to accompany.

Fashioniteworld blog - Emily in Paris


The story is pretty simple and keeps you going as Emily detangles every complication that comes down her way. Emily turns out to be this young lady full of confidence who knows her craft very well. She is always well prepared and speaks spontaneously providing some brilliant ideas for her clients. She works as a Brand Manager in Chicago and finally gets to live her dream where she leaves for Paris on behalf of her Boss and gets to stay there to build up their brand presence through a small marketing firm that their parent company in Chicago has acquired. 

She falls in love with the picturesque Paris and its vintage love for the ever-changing fashion. After a few daily interactions, she gets to know that she is not welcomed by her colleagues at her workplace and plans to catch up with her boyfriend to spend some time together, who promises to keep visiting her quite often from Chicago. After a sudden phone call, she realizes that both of them have set their minds on different things, and being together on a long-distance relation would not work for them.

After the break-up, the all-time confident girl Emily starts looking for people with whom she could talk and makes a few friends in the city of strangers on whom she could count on. She takes random pictures of places and people that fascinate her whenever she feels like an explorer and uploads them on her Instagram page named Emily in Paris.

Fashioniteworld blog - Emily in Paris

With her way of marketing things on her Instagram profile, she slowly wins over the clients and gets their confidence gaining more clients for her firm. In due course, her colleagues start believing in her work and start supporting her except for her Boss, who is not much convinced with Emily’s style of work. 

While she is making all progress on her career front, she gets in some embarrassing situations in her personal space but takes everything on a lighter note and yet lives-up cheerfully. She ends up liking a guy for way too long and sticks to herself at the end. This part of the story ends on an open note for viewers to wonder what’s next now. Without any regrets, she makes mistakes, corrects them, and comes out with flying colors making Paris a city of her own to live by. If you like to know more about Emily, then do watch Emily in Paris only on Netflix!

Fashioniteworld blog - Emily in Paris

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