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Summer Friendly Fabric Sarees For This Wedding Season – 2018

Summer Friendly Fabric Sarees For This Wedding Season – 2018

Well, people in many parts of the country are already experiencing the summer heat though it has just started off. Despite going with the basics of keeping your skin hydrated and tan free, are you finding it difficult to attend the weddings this summer season with heavy sarees and accessories? If yes, then we suggest you do a little bit of probing on the summer friendly fabric sarees that you can wear as this will make your life much easier. Moreover, wedding season is the gala time where you can enjoy to the core, so why to wear something that stops you from being comfortable over a long period of time?

Fashioniteworld has come up with some of the summer friendly fabric sarees that you can choose over the regular party wears as a change for this summer season. Try and see the change for yourself! The fabrics are more easy going and breathable.

Viscose Fabric Saree

If you are not someone who drapes sarees on a regular basis, then we bet you would have never come across this fabric name compared to the rest like Pattu, Georgette, Chiffon etc which are quite famous in the market. Sarees that are crafted with this fabric look lovely and at the same time, they are one of the summer friendly fabric sarees that you can choose this year 2018. The fabric is soft but yet strong and durable. Absorbent in nature and you really can get a nice designer one within a few bucks instead of blowing your pockets for a really expensive one. This saree fabric can be draped easily without much difficulty and is light in weight, so it will be easy for you to carry off even if you are someone who is new to the sarees world. On top of all, the fabric does not stick close to the body so it’s a breathable fabric that you can opt for this wedding season to chill and enjoy! It’s a thin fabric so most of the youth will love draping themselves in this fabric to look sexy and Gorgeous!

Netted Fabric Sarees

Since netted fabric sarees has multiple pores, they are definitely one of the best summer friendly fabric sarees to choose when it comes to this wedding season. They are extremely light in weight and are breathable as well. So, if you are planning to go with a netted saree, we suggest you to go for the one which has a nice light pallu and a thin border with some nice work on the overall saree. With this,  you will not have the need to accessorize yourself much. With a lightweight pair of danglers matching your outfit, you should be all set to attend the wedding!


Linen Fabrics Sarees

Linen fabric is light in weight and one of the comfortable fabrics that we can choose for this summer. Be it for saree or for any other apparels, this is one of the summer friendly fabric. The fabric absorbs sweat and allows air to flow easily. This fabric sarees come in several colors more of them are light colors compared to the dark ones and the threads that are used to craft the wedding wears are shiny ( mix of gold/silver threads in middle), so it’s one of the best picks from fashioniteworld for this wedding season.

Chiffon Fabric sarees

Are you a fan of the Chiffon sarees that the actresses at Bollywood wear?  If yes, then we bet you will love yourself getting draped in Chiffon fabric saree this wedding season. Well, we guess you should be knowing about this all-time favorite saree fabric. It works to be the perfect summer friendly fabric sarees of all time having all the best-suited summer properties. You will look stylish and sexy in a plain Chiffon saree provided its matched up with some heavy accessories.

Georgette Fabric Sarees

The fabric is light in weight and easy to carry making it the summer friendly fabric sarees to wear. Its one of the fabric that is most commonly used by the fashion designers in making various apparels. They are not body sticky and you can get nice designer ones for this wedding season.

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Malmal Fabric Sarees

Do you know that there is a fabric by name “Malmal”? If yes, then its well and good. If not, then we can give you a little bit information on this summer friendly fabric. This will justify why you can choose Malmal saree for this summer. These sarees are silky in nature and too smooth to touch. They are light and not body sticky at the same time. The designs are usually printed with some work on the overall sarees.


With this piece of information, we hope you all plan your get-togethers and weddings to be attended appropriate with the right fabric that will let you enjoy the good times and have some cool selfies for yourself to post!

Stay safe and enjoy the summer times !