When we speak of Fashion, the first thought that springs to our mind is the Glitz and Glamour Industry of Hollywood!

Over the years, the Hollywood red carpets have become an eye-catcher occasion for people who love to witness new fashion fad and that’s one of the platforms where we get to see the fashionista side of the artists. In recent times, one such Industry that has been gaining the spotlight for its fashion is the K-POP industry.

The moment we say K-POP, we get the glimpse of fashion & music idols over anything else. People across the globe are fascinated by Korea primarily due to their K-POP culture. Within a short span, K-POP was able to create a huge fanbase for itself. The Koreans shower unconditional love to their favorite K-POP artists and that’s the probable reason why most of the K-POP groups have named their fans. To name some, we have Girls generation with fandom name as SONE which means ‘wish” in English, BIGBANG with “ VIP” to make their fans feel special, Shinee with SHINEE WORLD, BTS with Army, Twice with once, EXO with name EXO-L and Blackpink with BLINKS.

With immense competition to be on top position, Blackpink from YG has engraved their presence in the music industry and are on way to show themselves across the globe. Being from YG ENTERTAINMENT and the only girl group to be launched after 2Ne1, people had a lot of expectations from them in terms of their music and fashion sense. Artists from YG compared to other Record companies are usually considered to be super talented, hardworking known for their bold & strong attitude. They are the artist groups with pretty faces and smart work is all we could say.

It’s been two-plus years ever since the debut of BLACKPINK and they are one of the highest charting K-POP female group in the emerging artist category last year in the BILLBOARDS awards with some of the hit tracks Ddu-Ddu-Ddu & Forever Young from their EP Squareup.

The group members of the BLACKPINK were trainees for a long period. The group has two main vocalists Jisoo (Kim-Ji-Soo)  and Rose (Roseanne Park. The music is pepped up by the main rappers Jenni Kim and Lisa who is also the group main Dancer.

Out of the four, there was one idol who has been the center of attraction for the media in the recent times for all the right &  wrong reasons from the day 1 of 2019 and that is Jennie Kim. While we all know how things ended on a good note, let’s talk about something that we really love Jennie from Blackpink right from the start of her career.

When we say BlackPink fashion, the first name that pops up in our mind is none other than the YG princess Jennie Kim.

Over a short span of time, she has created a remarkable trend in fashion with her clothing line & accessories. Compared to the rest of the group members, she is seen wearing more of luxury collections of several international brands which have made the audience feel that she is given more priority than the others which may or may not be right as the other group members are also equally spotted wearing different designer collections in their shows & events. Last year, she became the brand ambassador for the French fashion label Chanel. They invited her during their first boutique launch in Korea in the month of March 2019.

The fashion savoir-faire of Jennie Kim is commendable and outshines the trend of the rest of the group members. Over the years, with several live performances and public presence on various occasions, Jennie Kim has made her mark gaining attention from audiences and media houses for her unconventional fashion taste. She is someone who could carry any outfit well on her own terms.

Jennie of YG has been often spotted wearing the Collections of Gucci, Chanel and other International designer collections. She has tried out diverse styles in terms of her dressing. You could possibly have noticed her wearing T-shirts, Blazers, Dress, Skirts, Sportswear and much more at various events. Noticing her dressing style, she seems to be choosy in terms of how she wants to represent herself to the world. This indeed has turned out to be the best for her, making her one among the best fashion icons in current K-POP industry to look upon.

“Fashion is something that anyone could buy, but the style of carrying all depends on you”.

Don’t you think the above statement is apt for the YG princess? She definitely has the spark!

The BlackPink new album Kill This Love was released yesterday and has already reached 15million plus views on Youtube. Right from the album teasers to the video of Kill this love, Jennie Kim has lived up to the expressions of the album theme being cold and wicked to love.

Here are the best 10 outfits where Jennie Kim looked fab in recent times. Let us know what you think of Jennie Kim and her love for fashion labels. Voice up in our comments section below.

Seershika Shinde

Small things do make a big difference when it comes to fashion & the ever-changing lifestyle. I am a Blogger who is new to this blogging world who has the zeal to explore new things that fascinate me! Stay healthy and look pretty with your style is what I believe! My website fashioniteWorld will showcase the same concept. Self-confidence will make you achieve great things in life so it all starts with you!

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