Chanel stands out to be one of the vintage French fashion labels started in the year 1909. Being one of the oldest fashion Couture, nothing has stopped them from being the trendsetters over the years. They are one of the fashion houses who have their own simplistic charisma when it comes to their designs. They started off initially with the clothing line, bags, and Perfumes. All three product lines became quite a big sensation hit during the 1900s.  Adding to their designs, we now have accessories and high end customised & personalised fashion pieces of jewellery designed along with a wide range of skincare and eye care products available in the market.

The brand has always kept its standards right from the start. They came into the market as a luxury brand and have lived up to everyone’s expectations. Celebrities love to flaunt Chanel designs publicly be it their accessories or clothing line. Once you own a Chanel product, you really feel proud to flaunt it. That is the impact of Chanel, that you can’t get your eyes over their products. They are simple and yet look very beautiful.

The price that you as a customer pay is completely worth the product that you get. If you don’t believe me, check their website products and you will understand what is Chanel designs all about. Every design of Chanel is crafted to be Classy and Elegant especially their Bags and accessories sections – that’s my favourite! May be that’s the reason behind celebs being crazy about Chanel Collections.

The founder of Chanel is an inspiration to look upon as  she was able to do so much and create a revolution in fashion during World war time.

Gabrielle Bonheur known as the famous designer Coco Chanel started her career as a milliner by opening up her a shop in the fashion Hub Paris. She was an orphan and brought up by nuns, so she was pretty much self-managed and knew how to design and stitch. She started by selling handmade hats and later carried on with designing her own clothing line.

Her fashion designs were more of cool casuals, collarless jackets, fitted skirts and chic style dresses. She tried to make a statement through her fashion where she was focusing more on the comfort & freedom of the woman taking the elements of men’s dressing rather than designing stuff around feminism and being conservative. Her fashion style broke the stereotypes dressing of Corsets and bodice which were quite famous at that point of time.

Her Jersey dresses were loved by the fashionista’s of that time followed by the little black dress where she made it a point that every women wardrobe needs to have a little black dress so that they could wear based on the occasions. Designers of this generation completely go with the concept of LDB. A little black dress could do wonders no matter we wear it just like that or experiment a bit with some mix and match.

In the 1920s, the House of Chanel launched their first Perfume called No.5. With this product being successful in the market, the brand gained immense popularity around that time. Coco Chanel further expanded the perfume line business beyond France, Europe and looped in some investors to expand her business. Chanel later came up with a new bag concept called 2.55m bag where the strap of the bag is usually elongated giving that leisure for the woman to carry their bags around freely and easily. This was one of the products that were received well and they still do have this collection now. Few of the designs on the website even now are rooted back to its origin.

Chanel Coco died around the 1970s. A decade later, Karl Lagerfeld joined the House of Chanel in the year 1983.  With his years of experience, he knew what Chanel designs were all about. From there on, he was in pace with the fashion changes over the times but stuck on to Chanel’s original charm of Simplicity and Elegance in all his Collections.

With the death of Karl Lagerfeld, we will have Virginie Viard taking up his place leading the Chanel Fashion House. She is someone who has been working with him for the past 30 years and knows what is Chanel fashion all about. So, let’s hope for the best.

Chanel love!

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