How An Individual With A Willful Heart And The Right Mindset Is Destined To Live Their Passion – Mithila Palkar

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I loved watching this girl in the Bindaas channel’s short mini-series Girl in the City (season 1) and later in the web series Little things. Once I got to see her, that’s when I googled her name and saw her YouTube videos (Cup song and other Marathi talk shows) which were quiet viral by that time with lots of views and comments showering love. I definitely saw the spark in her as an artist which made me believe that she is one of the upcoming budding artists who is going to give us some amazing show time in terms of her future projects. She is definitely taking things slow and enjoying the life to the fullest capturing every moment with her cheerful grace.

 Mithila Palkar actress

Mithila Palkar stands out to be an inspiration for thousands of people who are not sure when it comes to the question of what they want to be and what they want to do with their lives. She has openly spoken about her journey on TEDx Talk show on how she reached her destination.

All that Mithila Palkar did was she took time to analyze herself and gave a shot at what she really liked or felt she is good at and she went with the flow taking chances. Following her interest paved a path for her inner passion of acting. This made her work much hard towards her dream of becoming an artist and here she is today finally rocking the screen!

Mithila Palkar actress

Mithila Palkar is the answer to many of your questions on “why you can’t’ do what you really want to. She neither had contacts nor was from an acting or filmy background but yet she took small baby steps and is pretty famous for her talent of acting & singing by now. I really loved her enthusiastic zeal when it comes to grabbing all the opportunities coming her way to make a point for the audience to understand that she is here to stay!  I am sure you guys loved watching her in the Marathi Movie Muramba and are eagerly waiting for her presence on the big screen soon with Dulquer Salman & Irfan Khan!

Mithila Palkar actress


She is her own kind of beauty when it comes to someone who has kept her charm in terms of her overall appearance and the way she communicates to her fans. We are sure you girls would have loved your curls after seeing her flaunting her curls without being carried away and becoming someone whom you’re really not.

I loved watching her series Girl in the city season 1 with all her struggles and success at the end, but was not that convinced when it came to season 2 due to the excess partner marketing of Flip kart. We did bear it because of Meera Sehgal – Mithila Palkar. Don’t you agree?

Mithila Palkar actress

It’s never too late guys! Cheers to the very thought of doing something new out of the box that you believe in. And also going out of your comfort zone to see how your journey path is going to be taking chances to live a life that you won’t regret later. Being satisfied and content with the work that we put in is all that really matters at the end of the day!








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