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When we speak of Fashion, the first thought that springs to our mind is the Glitz and Glamour Industry of Hollywood!

Over the years, the Hollywood red carpets have become an eye-catcher occasion for people who love to witness new fashion fad and that’s one of the platforms where we get to see the fashionista side of the artists. In recent times, one such Industry that has been gaining the spotlight for its fashion is the K-POP industry.

The moment we say K-POP, we get the glimpse of fashion & music idols over anything else. People across the globe are fascinated by Korea primarily due to their K-POP culture. Within a short span, K-POP was able to create a huge fanbase for itself.  The Koreans shower unconditional love to their favorite K-POP artists and that’s the probable reason why most of the K-POP groups have named their fans. To name some, we have Girls generation with fandom name as SONE which means ‘wish” in English, BIGBANG with “ VIP” to make their fans feel special, Shinee with SHINEE WORLD, BTS with Army, Twice with once, EXO with name EXO-L and Blackpink with BLINKS.

With immense competition to be on top position, Blackpink from YG has engraved their presence in the music industry and are on way to show themselves across the globe. Being from YG ENTERTAINMENT and the only girl group to be launched after 2Ne1, people had a lot of expectations from them in terms of their music and fashion sense. Artists from YG compared to other Record companies are usually considered to be super talented, hardworking known for their bold & strong attitude. They are the artist groups with pretty faces and smart work is all we could say.


It’s been two-plus years ever since the debut of BLACKPINK and they are one of the highest charting K-POP female group in the emerging artist category last year in the BILLBOARDS awards with some of the hit tracks Ddu-Ddu-Ddu & Forever Young from their EP Squareup.

The group members of the BLACKPINK were trainees for a long period. The group has two main vocalists Jisoo (Kim-Ji-Soo)  and Rose (Roseanne Park. The music is pepped up by the main rappers Jenni Kim and Lisa who is also the group main Dancer.

Out of the four, there was one idol who has been the center of attraction for the media in the recent times for all the right &  wrong reasons from the day 1 of 2019 and that is Jennie Kim. While we all know how things ended on a good note, let’s talk about something that we really love Jennie from Blackpink right from the start of her career.


When we say BlackPink fashion, the first name that pops up in our mind is none other than the YG princess Jennie Kim.

Over a short span of time, she has created a remarkable trend in fashion with her clothing line & accessories. Compared to the rest of the group members, she is seen wearing more of luxury collections of several international brands which have made the audience feel that she is given more priority than the others which may or may not be right as the other group members are also equally spotted wearing different designer collections in their shows & events. Last year, she became the brand ambassador for the French fashion label Chanel. They invited her during their first boutique launch in Korea in the month of March 2019.

The fashion savoir-faire of Jennie Kim is commendable and outshines the trend of the rest of the group members. Over the years, with several live performances and public presence on various occasions, Jennie Kim has made her mark gaining attention from audiences and media houses for her unconventional fashion taste. She is someone who could carry any outfit well on her own terms.

Jennie of YG has been often spotted wearing the Collections of Gucci, Chanel and other International designer collections. She has tried out diverse styles in terms of her dressing. You could possibly have noticed her wearing T-shirts, Blazers, Dress, Skirts, Sportswear and much more at various events. Noticing her dressing style, she seems to be choosy in terms of how she wants to represent herself to the world. This indeed has turned out to be the best for her, making her one among the best fashion icons in current K-POP industry to look upon.

“Fashion is something that anyone could buy, but the style of carrying all depends on you”.

Don’t you think the above statement is apt for the YG princess? She definitely has the spark! 

The BlackPink new album Kill This Love was released yesterday and has already reached 15million plus views on Youtube. Right from the album teasers to the video of Kill this love, Jennie Kim has lived up to the expressions of the album theme being cold and wicked to love. 


Here are the best 10 outfits where Jennie Kim looked fab in recent times. Let us know what you think of Jennie Kim and her love for fashion labels. Voice up in our comments section below.




Chanel stands out to be one of the vintage French fashion labels started in the year 1909. Being one of the oldest fashion Couture, nothing has stopped them from being the trendsetters over the years. They are one of the fashion houses who have their own simplistic charisma when it comes to their designs. They started off initially with the clothing line, bags, and Perfumes. All three product lines became quite a big sensation hit during the 1900s.  Adding to their designs, we now have accessories and high end customised & personalised fashion pieces of jewellery designed along with a wide range of skincare and eye care products available in the market.

The brand has always kept its standards right from the start. They came into the market as a luxury brand and have lived up to everyone’s expectations. Celebrities love to flaunt Chanel designs publicly be it their accessories or clothing line. Once you own a Chanel product, you really feel proud to flaunt it. That is the impact of Chanel, that you can’t get your eyes over their products. They are simple and yet look very beautiful.

The price that you as a customer pay is completely worth the product that you get. If you don’t believe me, check their website products and you will understand what is Chanel designs all about. Every design of Chanel is crafted to be Classy and Elegant especially their Bags and accessories sections – that’s my favourite! May be that’s the reason behind celebs being crazy about Chanel Collections.


The founder of Chanel is an inspiration to look upon as  she was able to do so much and create a revolution in fashion during World war time.

fashioniteworld post

Gabrielle Bonheur known as the famous designer Coco Chanel started her career as a milliner by opening up her a shop in the fashion Hub Paris. She was an orphan and brought up by nuns, so she was pretty much self-managed and knew how to design and stitch. She started by selling handmade hats and later carried on with designing her own clothing line.

Her fashion designs were more of cool casuals, collarless jackets, fitted skirts and chic style dresses. She tried to make a statement through her fashion where she was focusing more on the comfort & freedom of the woman taking the elements of men’s dressing rather than designing stuff around feminism and being conservative. Her fashion style broke the stereotypes dressing of Corsets and bodice which were quite famous at that point of time.




Her Jersey dresses were loved by the fashionista’s of that time followed by the little black dress where she made it a point that every women wardrobe needs to have a little black dress so that they could wear based on the occasions. Designers of this generation completely go with the concept of LDB. A little black dress could do wonders no matter we wear it just like that or experiment a bit with some mix and match.


In the 1920s, the House of Chanel launched their first Perfume called No.5. With this product being successful in the market, the brand gained immense popularity around that time. Coco Chanel further expanded the perfume line business beyond France, Europe and looped in some investors to expand her business. Chanel later came up with a new bag concept called 2.55m bag where the strap of the bag is usually elongated giving that leisure for the woman to carry their bags around freely and easily. This was one of the products that were received well and they still do have this collection now. Few of the designs on the website even now are rooted back to its origin.


Chanel Coco died around the 1970s. A decade later, Karl Lagerfeld joined the House of Chanel in the year 1983.  With his years of experience, he knew what Chanel designs were all about. From there on, he was in pace with the fashion changes over the times but stuck on to Chanel’s original charm of Simplicity and Elegance in all his Collections.FASHIONITEWORLD POST

With the death of Karl Lagerfeld, we will have Virginie Viard taking up his place leading the Chanel Fashion House. She is someone who has been working with him for the past 30 years and knows what is Chanel fashion all about. So, let’s hope for the best.

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Chanel love!












Deepika Padukone And Her Fashion Label All About You !

Deepika Padukone And Her Fashion Label All About You !

Deepika Padukone who was a successful model made her screen presence felt with her first Kannada movie named Aishwarya. This indeed gave this beauty the opportunity to make her way to the dream world that is our very own Bollywood. She stole everyone’s heart with her performance in the very first Bollywood debut Om Shanti Om. After that blockbuster, there was no turn back for this queen.

Deepika Padukone has improved herself drastically over the years and has turned out to be an outstanding artist with her magnificent contribution to the Indian Film Industry. Deepika Padukone beauty & stardom gave her the break in Hollywood as well at the right time with XXX where she was appreciated for her work. She startled everyone with her power pack performance where she perfectly carried off  Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed art work Bajirao Mastani and Padmavat movies with so much elegance and grace. She lived the character in both the movies and left the audience with amazing goosebumps moments!

Image result for all about you brand

If you are someone who adores Deepika Padukone for her personal style statement, then you should definitely be knowing about her own fashion label “All About You brand Collections”. The Collections includes Indo-western wears that perfectly suits the women of this generation who is modern, independent but yet very desi at their heart.

The All About You brand Collection has a wide range to choose among the several clothing categories which include  Tops, Dresses, Kurtas, Jackets, Skirts, Trousers and much more. The All About You brand has majorly collaborated with the E-commerce giants like Myntra and Jabong. If you are planning to grab one Kurti for yourself, we will make your shopping experience effortless with the best collections of Kurtis from All about you brand that you can have in your wardrobe this season. Be stylish & comfortable this summer and make everyone’s heads turn on!

FashioniteWorld talk!

What we think of All About You Brand ?

The Collections from All About You brand  looks very familiar to Deepika’s personality. Since Deepika Padukone is dusky in her skin tone and tall in height, you can find the clothing patterns which will specifically suit the woman who are dusky as well as taller. The colors are lighter ones and refreshing to wear for this summer with less of dark shades & patterns used. Most of the clothing collections are made of silk & cotton mixed  fabric which is body friendly & makes you flaunt your personality.

Best Kurtis To Buy From Deepika Padukone Fashion Label – All About You Brand

 Love for high neck and palazzo’s!


Simplicity yet Classy!


Refreshing eye cooling colors!


Love for the vintage Floral look !


Love for all time elegant Beige !


Best summer sleeves !



These are our Fashioniteworld best picks of Kurtis from All About you brand Collection. Hope you guys liked our shopping guide. Happy Shopping to all the ladies out there! It’s the month start and there is no one stopping you from shopping online! 🙂

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What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear?

What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear?

The year 2017 has been the most spoken year for this young celebrity as the media and the fans had so much to catch up on when it came to her personal & professional life. We have seen the way how Selena Gomez had grown step by step in the industry within a short span of time. The actress cum singer was able to achieve so much only with the right attitude and behavior in place that has pleased everyone. She also came up with her own clothing line in fashion  “dreamoutloud” She is one of the Hollywood celebs who is emotionally attached to her fans much like her BFF Taylor Swift. The fans have been showering infinite love towards her which is very much evident with the number of followers that she has on her social media accounts.  We appreciate this young lady for still battling her illness (Lupus) and being a woman role model to the society who represents women empowerment and self-determination.

We all love the way Selena Gomez dresses and we all agree that she gets her dressing right almost every time except for a few occasions. Selena Gomez has been attending many online and offline shows so far throughout her career. What we at Fashioniteworld have done is, we have researched a bit on her clothing style and this is what we were able to know.

Selena Gomez is often seen dressing in these Sexy and Elegant colors which are Red n Black. Here are the Top 10 pictures of Selena Gomez flaunting herself in the Red n Black where she looks Dazzling and beautiful.  Now we know why she sings “I don’t want to be anybody else”!



What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear ?




What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear ?




What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear ?




What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear ?




What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear ?




What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear ?




What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear ?




What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear ?




What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear ?




What Colors Do Selena Gomez Often Wear ?


So to all the fashionites out there, are you missing these amazing all time colors in your wardrobe?  if yes, we suggest you have each one of these colors in your collections. No matter how you look, these colors Red n Black will light up your mood as they look good on everyone. While Black makes you look slimmer, Red makes you look fresh and attractive.