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Are you someone who does not prefer to watch the genre Drama because there is way too much happening in it and you just can’t take all those emotions? If yes, then just give a thought to yourself. 

Don’t you think that we all are melodramatic in our ways though some of us deny it on the face? We are extremist in a way especially when it has to do something with us or something around the people whom we love and care for.

For example, as a kid, you wanted this particular dress and when you didn’t end up getting the same one but indeed got a different one, that made you feel sad until you were cheered up by something else that excited you. When you were not nerdy in your College days and yet you passed out with some pretty decent score made you feel extremely happy that you ended up partying with your friends because that happiness made sense only to you.

As an adult, even if you are not sure of where your life is heading, you still feel happiest doing the littlest things like trying out a new look and it turned out to be the best-suited one for you, experimenting with something new in the kitchen and it turns to be an eatable dish, planning to be fit and just being happy on the day one of practice even if you do not end up making the same habit every other day.

By saying so, I am writing the review for an amazing Korean Drama Be Melodramatic. After watching the show, I hope you all would get a feel-good experience of how you could take life as it comes instead of beating up yourself for something that is not in your control. Sometimes it’s just enough to know your destination even if you do not know the path to reach by. The path will show up by itself as you start balancing yourself when and as per the situation demands.


The show Be Melodramatic is all about the moments that matter to us the most as an individual, be it happiness, sadness, anger, grief… etc. When something strikes us hard no matter whether it’s good or bad, we need to take it, experience it and finally get through it for another new chapter, to begin with.

Be Melodramatic is one of the best Korean dramas aired in 2019 to binge-watch on Netflix. I was amazed by the way how the show was taken. You feel like the characters are talking to you and what they go through is something each one of us has gone through and gives a feel-good experience. The Co-Director and the writer of this Korean drama wanted to write different stories of how people carry on with their lives after their break-ups and altogether start a new chapter in their lives. With such a substantial concept, it was difficult to put the whole content in a 2 hours movie. So finally, they made it into this beautiful Korean drama.

The story revolves around 3 main characters and what they do with their lives. All the three are female leads in their 30’s and they live together as roommates. Something in common for all of them is that they all work in the Entertainment industry though they perform different roles. All the three leads struggle to make a living for themselves after their traumatic relationship and they go through a lot of emotional drama trying to get meaning for their lives.

Peek a Boo: 


Chun Woo-Hee as Lim Jin-Joo is one of the lead in the show who is a Rookie writer and works as an assistant to a famous Drama Writer hoping one fine day she would also see her name on the screen. She breaks up with her boyfriend after 7 long years of relation. With nothing going right in her life, she keeps all her hopes on her passion for writing and keeps doing it no matter how many odds she goes by. The character keeps talking to us during her whole screen space telling us what she is going through, how it feels to write everything and at last the final credits going to the head writer, how people look down on her because of not being successful and not doing the right things at the right age, how she handles stress and failure all the time trying to stay unaffected by talking to herself & cheering up, eating off too excess at times or having drinks to stay on a lighter note. Many of us could see ourselves in her while watching the show.


The second lead of the show is Jeon Yeo-been as Lee Eun-Jung. She is a documentary filmmaker and a CEO for herself. With her lover’s death, she loses all her charm & confidence. She starts suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder where she keeps imagining things and sees her boyfriend now and then whenever she is alone. Her transformation from being weak to becoming one who is bold & strong is noteworthy. Instead of fighting with what has happened, this character talks to us and says that overtime, you need to accept things and keep moving ahead.


The third women lead is Han Ji-Eun as Hwang Han-Joo. She works as the Marketing team lead and keeps having conflicts with her boss every now & then. She falls in love during her teenage where the guy leaves her and goes away after marriage. With a kid in her hand, she takes the sole responsibility to bring up the kid and yet faces her identity crisis as to why she has to go through all this. She wants a man who could love her for who she is but is scared to move on with her life by what she has seen so far. You will see how she copes up emotionally and does well in her professional & personal space.

Apart from the main leads, we have Ahn Jae–Hong as Son Beom-Soo, a budding Director of Korean dramas who finds it difficult to make a mark even after giving some pretty decent shows. We also have Gong Myung as Chu Jae-Hoon who works with Hwang Han-Joo at the Ad agency. The story even does focus on his troublesome relation where he wants to break up with his girlfriend due to her behavior issues and is no longer able to take it. There are other characters as well where everyone has a story to tell us which would connect us somewhere back to where we are were at some point in time or situation be it personal or professional.

To end with, overall the screenplay focuses on how the characters in this show deal with their emotions and what they end up seeing in other people’s lives eventually over the period of time that makes them see the other side of the silver lining for a fresh perspective to move on makes up the story.

Let us know what you felt about this Korean Drama Be Melodramatic in the below comments section!



If you are staying up late at night to binge-watch, then this show is a perfect one. From the creators of the ever-famous Sex and City, Netflix’s original series Emily in Paris aired on October 2nd with Lilly Collins as the lead.

Fashioniteworld blog - Emily in Paris

The show is about the journey of Emily in the beautiful city of Paris where she travels there on a work schedule from Chicago for a year and gets the opportunity to explore the enchanting city, its culture and meet people of different mindsets. Not being familiar with the local language French, will she end up liking her new workplace and would she be able to make her colleagues and clients believe in her American approach & perspective of work forms the rest part of the story.

Lilly Collins has lighted up the show with her exceptional art of acting and lived up to this Character of Emily. She was able to show the persona of Emily, who is super smart, quick, and a risk-taker to get things done her way. The content was fresh and promising, which does make the viewers feel good during these hard times where most of us are staying home. 

While most of us are dressed in Pyjamas the whole day, after watching this show, you will feel the urge to get some fashion makeover done for your wardrobe. All the actors in the show have lived up to the fashion standards of being Elegant, sophisticated, and carried themselves flawlessly. Emily exhibited the funky and formal style of clothing with some pretty jackets to accompany.

Fashioniteworld blog - Emily in Paris


The story is pretty simple and keeps you going as Emily detangles every complication that comes down her way. Emily turns out to be this young lady full of confidence who knows her craft very well. She is always well prepared and speaks spontaneously providing some brilliant ideas for her clients. She works as a Brand Manager in Chicago and finally gets to live her dream where she leaves for Paris on behalf of her Boss and gets to stay there to build up their brand presence through a small marketing firm that their parent company in Chicago has acquired. 

She falls in love with the picturesque Paris and its vintage love for the ever-changing fashion. After a few daily interactions, she gets to know that she is not welcomed by her colleagues at her workplace and plans to catch up with her boyfriend to spend some time together, who promises to keep visiting her quite often from Chicago. After a sudden phone call, she realizes that both of them have set their minds on different things, and being together on a long-distance relation would not work for them.

After the break-up, the all-time confident girl Emily starts looking for people with whom she could talk and makes a few friends in the city of strangers on whom she could count on. She takes random pictures of places and people that fascinate her whenever she feels like an explorer and uploads them on her Instagram page named Emily in Paris.

Fashioniteworld blog - Emily in Paris

With her way of marketing things on her Instagram profile, she slowly wins over the clients and gets their confidence gaining more clients for her firm. In due course, her colleagues start believing in her work and start supporting her except for her Boss, who is not much convinced with Emily’s style of work. 

While she is making all progress on her career front, she gets in some embarrassing situations in her personal space but takes everything on a lighter note and yet lives-up cheerfully. She ends up liking a guy for way too long and sticks to herself at the end. This part of the story ends on an open note for viewers to wonder what’s next now. Without any regrets, she makes mistakes, corrects them, and comes out with flying colors making Paris a city of her own to live by. If you like to know more about Emily, then do watch Emily in Paris only on Netflix!

Fashioniteworld blog - Emily in Paris

Let us know what you felt about the show Emily in Paris after you watched the series. Post your thoughts on the below comment section.



When we speak of Fashion, the first thought that springs to our mind is the Glitz and Glamour Industry of Hollywood!

Over the years, the Hollywood red carpets have become an eye-catcher occasion for people who love to witness new fashion fad and that’s one of the platforms where we get to see the fashionista side of the artists. In recent times, one such Industry that has been gaining the spotlight for its fashion is the K-POP industry.

The moment we say K-POP, we get the glimpse of fashion & music idols over anything else. People across the globe are fascinated by Korea primarily due to their K-POP culture. Within a short span, K-POP was able to create a huge fanbase for itself.  The Koreans shower unconditional love to their favorite K-POP artists and that’s the probable reason why most of the K-POP groups have named their fans. To name some, we have Girls generation with fandom name as SONE which means ‘wish” in English, BIGBANG with “ VIP” to make their fans feel special, Shinee with SHINEE WORLD, BTS with Army, Twice with once, EXO with name EXO-L and Blackpink with BLINKS.

With immense competition to be on top position, Blackpink from YG has engraved their presence in the music industry and are on way to show themselves across the globe. Being from YG ENTERTAINMENT and the only girl group to be launched after 2Ne1, people had a lot of expectations from them in terms of their music and fashion sense. Artists from YG compared to other Record companies are usually considered to be super talented, hardworking known for their bold & strong attitude. They are the artist groups with pretty faces and smart work is all we could say.


It’s been two-plus years ever since the debut of BLACKPINK and they are one of the highest charting K-POP female group in the emerging artist category last year in the BILLBOARDS awards with some of the hit tracks Ddu-Ddu-Ddu & Forever Young from their EP Squareup.

The group members of the BLACKPINK were trainees for a long period. The group has two main vocalists Jisoo (Kim-Ji-Soo)  and Rose (Roseanne Park. The music is pepped up by the main rappers Jenni Kim and Lisa who is also the group main Dancer.

Out of the four, there was one idol who has been the center of attraction for the media in the recent times for all the right &  wrong reasons from the day 1 of 2019 and that is Jennie Kim. While we all know how things ended on a good note, let’s talk about something that we really love Jennie from Blackpink right from the start of her career.


When we say BlackPink fashion, the first name that pops up in our mind is none other than the YG princess Jennie Kim.

Over a short span of time, she has created a remarkable trend in fashion with her clothing line & accessories. Compared to the rest of the group members, she is seen wearing more of luxury collections of several international brands which have made the audience feel that she is given more priority than the others which may or may not be right as the other group members are also equally spotted wearing different designer collections in their shows & events. Last year, she became the brand ambassador for the French fashion label Chanel. They invited her during their first boutique launch in Korea in the month of March 2019.

The fashion savoir-faire of Jennie Kim is commendable and outshines the trend of the rest of the group members. Over the years, with several live performances and public presence on various occasions, Jennie Kim has made her mark gaining attention from audiences and media houses for her unconventional fashion taste. She is someone who could carry any outfit well on her own terms.

Jennie of YG has been often spotted wearing the Collections of Gucci, Chanel and other International designer collections. She has tried out diverse styles in terms of her dressing. You could possibly have noticed her wearing T-shirts, Blazers, Dress, Skirts, Sportswear and much more at various events. Noticing her dressing style, she seems to be choosy in terms of how she wants to represent herself to the world. This indeed has turned out to be the best for her, making her one among the best fashion icons in current K-POP industry to look upon.

“Fashion is something that anyone could buy, but the style of carrying all depends on you”.

Don’t you think the above statement is apt for the YG princess? She definitely has the spark! 

The BlackPink new album Kill This Love was released yesterday and has already reached 15million plus views on Youtube. Right from the album teasers to the video of Kill this love, Jennie Kim has lived up to the expressions of the album theme being cold and wicked to love. 


Here are the best 10 outfits where Jennie Kim looked fab in recent times. Let us know what you think of Jennie Kim and her love for fashion labels. Voice up in our comments section below.




Chanel stands out to be one of the vintage French fashion labels started in the year 1909. Being one of the oldest fashion Couture, nothing has stopped them from being the trendsetters over the years. They are one of the fashion houses who have their own simplistic charisma when it comes to their designs. They started off initially with the clothing line, bags, and Perfumes. All three product lines became quite a big sensation hit during the 1900s.  Adding to their designs, we now have accessories and high end customised & personalised fashion pieces of jewellery designed along with a wide range of skincare and eye care products available in the market.

The brand has always kept its standards right from the start. They came into the market as a luxury brand and have lived up to everyone’s expectations. Celebrities love to flaunt Chanel designs publicly be it their accessories or clothing line. Once you own a Chanel product, you really feel proud to flaunt it. That is the impact of Chanel, that you can’t get your eyes over their products. They are simple and yet look very beautiful.

The price that you as a customer pay is completely worth the product that you get. If you don’t believe me, check their website products and you will understand what is Chanel designs all about. Every design of Chanel is crafted to be Classy and Elegant especially their Bags and accessories sections – that’s my favourite! May be that’s the reason behind celebs being crazy about Chanel Collections.


The founder of Chanel is an inspiration to look upon as  she was able to do so much and create a revolution in fashion during World war time.

fashioniteworld post

Gabrielle Bonheur known as the famous designer Coco Chanel started her career as a milliner by opening up her a shop in the fashion Hub Paris. She was an orphan and brought up by nuns, so she was pretty much self-managed and knew how to design and stitch. She started by selling handmade hats and later carried on with designing her own clothing line.

Her fashion designs were more of cool casuals, collarless jackets, fitted skirts and chic style dresses. She tried to make a statement through her fashion where she was focusing more on the comfort & freedom of the woman taking the elements of men’s dressing rather than designing stuff around feminism and being conservative. Her fashion style broke the stereotypes dressing of Corsets and bodice which were quite famous at that point of time.




Her Jersey dresses were loved by the fashionista’s of that time followed by the little black dress where she made it a point that every women wardrobe needs to have a little black dress so that they could wear based on the occasions. Designers of this generation completely go with the concept of LDB. A little black dress could do wonders no matter we wear it just like that or experiment a bit with some mix and match.


In the 1920s, the House of Chanel launched their first Perfume called No.5. With this product being successful in the market, the brand gained immense popularity around that time. Coco Chanel further expanded the perfume line business beyond France, Europe and looped in some investors to expand her business. Chanel later came up with a new bag concept called 2.55m bag where the strap of the bag is usually elongated giving that leisure for the woman to carry their bags around freely and easily. This was one of the products that were received well and they still do have this collection now. Few of the designs on the website even now are rooted back to its origin.


Chanel Coco died around the 1970s. A decade later, Karl Lagerfeld joined the House of Chanel in the year 1983.  With his years of experience, he knew what Chanel designs were all about. From there on, he was in pace with the fashion changes over the times but stuck on to Chanel’s original charm of Simplicity and Elegance in all his Collections.FASHIONITEWORLD POST

With the death of Karl Lagerfeld, we will have Virginie Viard taking up his place leading the Chanel Fashion House. She is someone who has been working with him for the past 30 years and knows what is Chanel fashion all about. So, let’s hope for the best.

Image result for Virginie Viard

Chanel love!












What’s In Store for This Year Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2019?

We have Nexa joining the sponsor board as an Associate partner for this spectacular event. Throughout the years, Lakme Fashion week has proven to be a fantabulous platform for renowned designers to showcase their latest collections and has provided great opportunities for emerging designers in the field of fashion and couture.

Summer Collections by Gaurav Gupta:

Designer Gaurav Gupta has kick-started the LFWSR’19 at the Royal opera house in Mumbai yesterday.

The start of the event just became magical with Designer Gaurav’s long gown collections. The perfect summer gowns to wear with the beautiful blend of our traditional chikankari and Benarasi work.

The five days event will take place from Jan 30th to Feb 3rd at the Jio Gardens Mumbai.

So let’ see what’s special this season on LFWSR’19.

GenNext Designers :

Like any other year, Lakme will be hosting the GenNext contest where the best designers will be given the opportunity to showcase their work and get recognized for the new fashion that they will be adding in. Some of the GenNext designers include Amrapali Singh, Madhumati Nath, Sunaina Khera and Ujjwala Bhadu.

Tencel’s collaboration with Label anitadongre:


Are you wondering what is Tencel all about?  Tencel brand is known for producing sustainable & environmental friendly fibres made of wood and cellulose. Designer Anitadongre will be using Tencel fibre to design her collections this season.

Fashion Jewellery &  Accessories:

Apart from the trending fashion in the clothing line, we will get to see what’s new and fashionable this summer in other categories as namely Jewelry and Accessories. Once such brand that will be showcasing their work in this runway is Caprese designed by Designer Payal Singhal. We have Boat,  the famous gadget name making its way together with designer Kunal Rawal collection.

We have Diamond Producers Association collaborating with Lakme Fashion week to bring up a contest “The Real Cut”. The Contest is about finding the best emerging talent in designing Diamond jewellery.

Get the new Athletic sports style  this season:

We have Reebok India and  Fashion label Bodice coming together this LFWSR’19 to give us a fashion upgrade.  Adding to this, we have more to watch with athletic fashion collection styled by Designer Narendra Kumar.

The launch of Corcal Bone & Beauty in India:

The Lakme fashion week 2019 will witness the launch of Lupin Life’s Corcal Bone & Beauty in India. The brand is launching its Calcium supplements in India promoting the health of women. Lupin Life is collaborating with fashion label Eka designed by Rina Singh where she will showcase the collections with the feminine theme Kareena Kapoor will be the face for the brand.

Shantanu & Nikhil Collections:

On day 5 of the Lakme fashion week, we have the much-awaited Collections by label shantanunikhil. Their collections will be centred around the Indian millennial women with the use of strong & Vibrant Red colour. Kareen Kapoor will be the show stopper of this runway.

We have Renowned designers GauriandNainika, Raghavendra Rathore and Kanika Goyal exhibiting their Collections. Adding to the grand list, we have emerging designer labels namely bobocalcutta, mrrajkumar,  yavi making their way through the runway. This season based on the overall themes of different designers, we could see that the focus seem to come up with sustainable fashion and promote our Indian textiles and artisan’s work.

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‘Action Plan on North East India Report’ (APONIR) is a project created by the @unitednations in India and @img_reliance with @letsgocoop as an implementation partner to enable the fashion industry to create sustainable supply chains and strengthen livelihoods of the artisans in Northeast India. APONIR is proud to announce a collaboration with two of India’s foremost fashion retail brands, @anitadongregrassroot and @raymond_the_complete_man . On the Sustainable Fashion Day on 31st January 2019 at Lakme Fashion Week, the project will present achievements and interventions made with marginalised handloom co-operatives in Assam towards sustainable development. #MakeFashionGood #LFWSR19 #5DaysOfFashion #allInclusiveatLFW @anitadongre @undpinindia

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Be ready to watch more of Lakme fashion week in the coming days. Hoping and wishing all the designers for a successful show this year.


How An Individual With A Willful Heart And The Right Mindset Is Destined To Live Their Passion – Mithila Palkar

How An Individual With A Willful Heart And The Right Mindset Is Destined To Live Their Passion – Mithila Palkar

I loved watching this girl in the Bindaas channel’s short mini-series Girl in the City (season 1) and later in the web series Little things. Once I got to see her, that’s when I googled her name and saw her YouTube videos (Cup song and other Marathi talk shows) which were quiet viral by that time with lots of views and comments showering love. I definitely saw the spark in her as an artist which made me believe that she is one of the upcoming budding artists who is going to give us some amazing show time in terms of her future projects. She is definitely taking things slow and enjoying the life to the fullest capturing every moment with her cheerful grace.

 Mithila Palkar actress

Mithila Palkar stands out to be an inspiration for thousands of people who are not sure when it comes to the question of what they want to be and what they want to do with their lives. She has openly spoken about her journey on TEDx Talk show on how she reached her destination.

All that Mithila Palkar did was she took time to analyze herself and gave a shot at what she really liked or felt she is good at and she went with the flow taking chances. Following her interest paved a path for her inner passion of acting. This made her work much hard towards her dream of becoming an artist and here she is today finally rocking the screen!

Mithila Palkar actress

Mithila Palkar is the answer to many of your questions on “why you can’t’ do what you really want to. She neither had contacts nor was from an acting or filmy background but yet she took small baby steps and is pretty famous for her talent of acting & singing by now. I really loved her enthusiastic zeal when it comes to grabbing all the opportunities coming her way to make a point for the audience to understand that she is here to stay!  I am sure you guys loved watching her in the Marathi Movie Muramba and are eagerly waiting for her presence on the big screen soon with Dulquer Salman & Irfan Khan!

Mithila Palkar actress


She is her own kind of beauty when it comes to someone who has kept her charm in terms of her overall appearance and the way she communicates to her fans. We are sure you girls would have loved your curls after seeing her flaunting her curls without being carried away and becoming someone whom you’re really not.

I loved watching her series Girl in the city season 1 with all her struggles and success at the end, but was not that convinced when it came to season 2 due to the excess partner marketing of Flip kart. We did bear it because of Meera Sehgal – Mithila Palkar. Don’t you agree?

Mithila Palkar actress

It’s never too late guys! Cheers to the very thought of doing something new out of the box that you believe in. And also going out of your comfort zone to see how your journey path is going to be taking chances to live a life that you won’t regret later. Being satisfied and content with the work that we put in is all that really matters at the end of the day!








Deepika Padukone And Her Fashion Label All About You !

Deepika Padukone And Her Fashion Label All About You !

Deepika Padukone who was a successful model made her screen presence felt with her first Kannada movie named Aishwarya. This indeed gave this beauty the opportunity to make her way to the dream world that is our very own Bollywood. She stole everyone’s heart with her performance in the very first Bollywood debut Om Shanti Om. After that blockbuster, there was no turn back for this queen.

Deepika Padukone has improved herself drastically over the years and has turned out to be an outstanding artist with her magnificent contribution to the Indian Film Industry. Deepika Padukone beauty & stardom gave her the break in Hollywood as well at the right time with XXX where she was appreciated for her work. She startled everyone with her power pack performance where she perfectly carried off  Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed art work Bajirao Mastani and Padmavat movies with so much elegance and grace. She lived the character in both the movies and left the audience with amazing goosebumps moments!

Image result for all about you brand

If you are someone who adores Deepika Padukone for her personal style statement, then you should definitely be knowing about her own fashion label “All About You brand Collections”. The Collections includes Indo-western wears that perfectly suits the women of this generation who is modern, independent but yet very desi at their heart.

The All About You brand Collection has a wide range to choose among the several clothing categories which include  Tops, Dresses, Kurtas, Jackets, Skirts, Trousers and much more. The All About You brand has majorly collaborated with the E-commerce giants like Myntra and Jabong. If you are planning to grab one Kurti for yourself, we will make your shopping experience effortless with the best collections of Kurtis from All about you brand that you can have in your wardrobe this season. Be stylish & comfortable this summer and make everyone’s heads turn on!

FashioniteWorld talk!

What we think of All About You Brand ?

The Collections from All About You brand  looks very familiar to Deepika’s personality. Since Deepika Padukone is dusky in her skin tone and tall in height, you can find the clothing patterns which will specifically suit the woman who are dusky as well as taller. The colors are lighter ones and refreshing to wear for this summer with less of dark shades & patterns used. Most of the clothing collections are made of silk & cotton mixed  fabric which is body friendly & makes you flaunt your personality.

Best Kurtis To Buy From Deepika Padukone Fashion Label – All About You Brand

 Love for high neck and palazzo’s!


Simplicity yet Classy!


Refreshing eye cooling colors!


Love for the vintage Floral look !


Love for all time elegant Beige !


Best summer sleeves !



These are our Fashioniteworld best picks of Kurtis from All About you brand Collection. Hope you guys liked our shopping guide. Happy Shopping to all the ladies out there! It’s the month start and there is no one stopping you from shopping online! 🙂

( Pic Courtesy – Myntra)


Are You Sure The Sunscreen You Apply Is Best For Your Skin?

Are You Sure The Sunscreen You Apply Is Best For Your Skin?

Sunlight is an essential and a much-needed source of Vitamin D for our human body. Though we enjoy the mild & warm sunlight rays in the early morning, I am sure you guys hate when the summer season arrives. Just the thought of the sunny afternoon’s and the night times makes us scared with no air around! Despite taking all the necessary precautions for our health, we still are not able to beat the summer heat and enjoy the good times.

We feel more irritated, sultry and frustrated all the time resulting in less concentration towards the work that we are doing. Our health gets affected to a very great extent knowingly or unknowingly as no one is that perfect that they can follow all the right”To Do” things for the summer.Out of many “To Do” List for the summer, the major one is applying a sunscreen before you start from the home. Sunscreen is the only protector that we blindly use and think will protect our skin & skin tone. So it becomes really important to make sure that we are buying the best Sunscreen that is available in the market.

Now the question comes into place, how do you choose the best sunscreen for yourself? Do you go by the brand name hoping the brand is giving you all an excellent Sunscreen product which will keep your skin safe or will you go by the sunscreen product’s ingredients and choose the best sunscreen accordingly irrespective of the brand value?

We at fashioniteworld will give you a little brief on what you need to be looking into while buying a sunscreen for yourself or for your family during this summer 2018. Buying a sunscreen with the below points noted down will make you choose the best sunscreen.

The most common factor that we as consumers look into while buying a Sunscreen is the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) factor and its range. Based on this factor, most of the prices of the Sunscreens vary. The higher the SPF, the more costly the Sunscreen product tends to be. Are you among those who use SPF 15 or only SPF Sunscreen products? If yes, then we suggest you go through the information that we are providing here on Sunscreen products.

Usually, the UV rays reach the earth in two forms i.e,  UVA (Ultraviolet A) and UVB (Ultraviolet B). Both of these rays have different side effects on the human body. While UVB is something to do with sunburns and rashes, UVA has to do more with tanning and causing pigmentation affecting the skin color and the skin genes in deep sometimes leading to skin cancer as well at a later stage during the aging process. Too much of exposure to UVA leads to fine lines, wrinkles and quick aging which is not noticed immediately.

A Sunscreen, when chosen, needs to have the ingredients that can fight both UVA & UVB exposure to the skin. Most of the Sunscreen products available in the market are specifically designed for UVB rays highlighting the SPF factor & its range. This keeps our skin safe and cool. But misses out on the UVA due to which the skin cells, inner layers over a long period gets affected.

As a consumer, you need to go for a Sunscreen with ingredients that fight both UVA & UVB.

For UVA exposure – What you need to be looking into the Sunscreen product are as follows-  Persistent Pigment Darkening (PPD) and its range. The PPD is measured in terms of PA, PA+,PA+++ (scaled of 8 to 16),PA++++ (16 and greater). With a better scale comes a better Sunscreen product.

For UVB – What you need to be looking into the Sunscreen product are as follows –  SPF and its range. We seek you to avoid using products with SPF 15 as it will hardly have any impact on your skin. SPF 30 will protect your skin up to 97% while, SPF 50 will protect your skin up to an extent of 98%.

We advise you to go with a Sunscreen product that consists of the ingredients which fight both UVA & UVB exposure to skin. The Sunscreen product needs to have the required range of SPF & along with the presence of PA. The Sunscreen lotion or the Sunscreen cream needs to be applied in adequate quantity unlike the quantity of a regular face cream. If the Sunscreen product is applied in a lesser quantity, it may not protect your face to the extent that you think of.  Some of the Sunscreen brands in the market are giving out best Sunscreen lotions and Sunscreen creams this year 2018 to its consumers. To make your lives easy, here the top 5 sunscreen products that you can purchase for this summer.

Top 5 Best Sunscreen products of 2018 – Fashioniteworld


#1 Lakme 9 to 5 Mattifying Super Sunscreen Product (UVA+UVB – SPF 50)


Are You Sure The Sunscreen You Apply Is Best For Your Skin?


#2 Lakme 9 to 5 Hydrating Super Sunscreen Product (UVA+UVB – SPF 50)

Are You Sure The Sunscreen You Apply Is Best For Your Skin?

#3 – Lakme Sun Expert – Fairness +UV lotion Product (SPF 50 /PA +++)

Are You Sure The Sunscreen You Apply Is Best For Your Skin?

#4 Lotus – Safe Sun Sunscreen Product (UV creme Matte Gel) – PA+++ & SPF 50


Are You Sure The Sunscreen You Apply Is Best For Your Skin?


#5 – L’OREAL PARIS – UV Perfect Sunscreen Product ( UVA & UVB – PA ++++/SPF 50 )

Are You Sure The Sunscreen You Apply Is Best For Your Skin?

Now we are sure that you will be choosing the right sunscreen product for yourself with this information. This summer 2018 stay safe and take care of yourself. Be healthy Be D happy!

Summer Friendly Fabric Sarees For This Wedding Season – 2018

Summer Friendly Fabric Sarees For This Wedding Season – 2018

Well, people in many parts of the country are already experiencing the summer heat though it has just started off. Despite going with the basics of keeping your skin hydrated and tan free, are you finding it difficult to attend the weddings this summer season with heavy sarees and accessories? If yes, then we suggest you do a little bit of probing on the summer friendly fabric sarees that you can wear as this will make your life much easier. Moreover, wedding season is the gala time where you can enjoy to the core, so why to wear something that stops you from being comfortable over a long period of time?

Fashioniteworld has come up with some of the summer friendly fabric sarees that you can choose over the regular party wears as a change for this summer season. Try and see the change for yourself! The fabrics are more easy going and breathable.

Viscose Fabric Saree

If you are not someone who drapes sarees on a regular basis, then we bet you would have never come across this fabric name compared to the rest like Pattu, Georgette, Chiffon etc which are quite famous in the market. Sarees that are crafted with this fabric look lovely and at the same time, they are one of the summer friendly fabric sarees that you can choose this year 2018. The fabric is soft but yet strong and durable. Absorbent in nature and you really can get a nice designer one within a few bucks instead of blowing your pockets for a really expensive one. This saree fabric can be draped easily without much difficulty and is light in weight, so it will be easy for you to carry off even if you are someone who is new to the sarees world. On top of all, the fabric does not stick close to the body so it’s a breathable fabric that you can opt for this wedding season to chill and enjoy! It’s a thin fabric so most of the youth will love draping themselves in this fabric to look sexy and Gorgeous!

Netted Fabric Sarees

Since netted fabric sarees has multiple pores, they are definitely one of the best summer friendly fabric sarees to choose when it comes to this wedding season. They are extremely light in weight and are breathable as well. So, if you are planning to go with a netted saree, we suggest you to go for the one which has a nice light pallu and a thin border with some nice work on the overall saree. With this,  you will not have the need to accessorize yourself much. With a lightweight pair of danglers matching your outfit, you should be all set to attend the wedding!


Linen Fabrics Sarees

Linen fabric is light in weight and one of the comfortable fabrics that we can choose for this summer. Be it for saree or for any other apparels, this is one of the summer friendly fabric. The fabric absorbs sweat and allows air to flow easily. This fabric sarees come in several colors more of them are light colors compared to the dark ones and the threads that are used to craft the wedding wears are shiny ( mix of gold/silver threads in middle), so it’s one of the best picks from fashioniteworld for this wedding season.

Chiffon Fabric sarees

Are you a fan of the Chiffon sarees that the actresses at Bollywood wear?  If yes, then we bet you will love yourself getting draped in Chiffon fabric saree this wedding season. Well, we guess you should be knowing about this all-time favorite saree fabric. It works to be the perfect summer friendly fabric sarees of all time having all the best-suited summer properties. You will look stylish and sexy in a plain Chiffon saree provided its matched up with some heavy accessories.

Georgette Fabric Sarees

The fabric is light in weight and easy to carry making it the summer friendly fabric sarees to wear. Its one of the fabric that is most commonly used by the fashion designers in making various apparels. They are not body sticky and you can get nice designer ones for this wedding season.

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Malmal Fabric Sarees

Do you know that there is a fabric by name “Malmal”? If yes, then its well and good. If not, then we can give you a little bit information on this summer friendly fabric. This will justify why you can choose Malmal saree for this summer. These sarees are silky in nature and too smooth to touch. They are light and not body sticky at the same time. The designs are usually printed with some work on the overall sarees.


With this piece of information, we hope you all plan your get-togethers and weddings to be attended appropriate with the right fabric that will let you enjoy the good times and have some cool selfies for yourself to post!

Stay safe and enjoy the summer times !